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Your body is your temple, your home, your spaceship to operate your mission on this planet therefore, maintain it well!

Eat healthy, sleep enough, walk in nature, sit in silence and most importantly get a massage to release tension.

My massages are a result of my own inner & outer journey.

The technical path of it started with Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, went to Thai Yoga Massage in Perú & Austria, to different Wellness-Massages in Germany, to Manual Release Bodywork in Perú, ...


And most importantly my highly sensitive, intuitive touch.

All that I have learned I apply in your journey, so you can travel during your time & really relax on a very deep level

Duration between 1 - 2h

Nuad Thai Yoga Massage

Nuad Thai Yoga Massage, an ancient healing art from Thailand, is a unique blend of acupressure, assisted yoga postures, and energy balancing techniques. This therapeutic practice, works on the body's energy lines to promote overall well-being and harmony.

What to Expect:


During a session, you will remain fully clothed in comfortable attire while lying on a padded mat on the floor. Hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet are used to apply pressure and guide your body through a series of stretches and movements. Each session is customized to your specific needs, ensuring a deeply personalized and healing experience.



Experience the Transformation:


Embrace the ancient wisdom of Nuad Thai Yoga Massage and experience a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you're seeking relief from physical discomfort or a way to de-stress and balance your energy, this holistic therapy offers a pathway to improved health and well-being.

Book your Nuad Thai Yoga Massage session today and embark on a journey to holistic healing.

Shoulder Massage

Manual Release Bodywork

This technique goes deep to clear base-level tension throughout the whole body. It is designed to support the release of physical & emotional trauma. It can smoothen migranes, sciatica, anxiety, chronic pain & many other conditions permanently.


As we are working here with high frequency pain this bodywork feels like electricity running through the body activating all body levels including the subtle, energetic, emotional...

Truely a powerful & transformative experience

Duration between 1 - 2h

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