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Full Moon
Group Hypnosis

Use the power of the full moon in scorpio to:

  • Harness the peak energy of the Pink Full Moon in Scorpio.

  • Release negative emotions and foster emotional healing.

  • Deepen intuition and gain clarity about life decisions.

  • Connect with nature's rhythms for grounding and belonging.

  • Join a supportive online community for spiritual growth.

  • Amplify manifestation abilities and set powerful intentions.

  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation through meditation

Monday 22nd April 
11:00 am (Peru) / 18:00 GER
60 Min online

A simple, safe and very effective way to work with the subconscious.

to participate a contribution between 15-30€ is required, to be sent to my PayPal account and you will receive the google meets invite link

In this webinar we will cover

How to sign up?

In order to sign up please make a DONATION for any amount to my account which will be your entrance ticket to your Hypnosis Experience. Click on the button below and find the connection to PayPal, or send me a message through the contact form.

As it is a donation based Event, please note to use Friends&Family and please write your email as reference information, so that you get the link where the event will take place.

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This is incredible!

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Presented by cosmicflower.marlene,
Hypnosis Coach, EnergyWorker and Ritual 

Marlene loved traveling the world until she discovered her own internal treasures through shamanic journeying and plant medicines. She is a certified Hypnosis Coach and initiated in energy healing.


Through her own healing path, studies and supporting hundreds of people, Marlene experienced how powerful Hypnosis is. Therefore, she decided to offer this Masterclass so that more people start connecting and benefiting from this incredible tool that can provide energetic healing.


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Welcome to this Journey to Your Inner Sanctuary: A Deep Hypnotic Experience for Calm, Restoration, and Balance

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