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Welcome to the cosmic journey of Marlene, a life-artist weaving threads of sacred wisdom and soulful expression into every moment. 


Born and raised in the serene landscapes of a South-German village, Marlene's path has been a tapestry of transformation and rediscovery. With a background in Banking and International Business & Management, she embarked on a profound inner journey in 2019, unraveling the layers of her soul's essence and embracing her true purpose.


Marlene wears many hats on her journey of remembrance – a certified Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, Plant Medicine Facilitator, Ritualist, and Ceremonialist, to name a few. Each certification, each modality, a thread in the tapestry of her holistic approach to healing and empowerment.


Cosmic Flower blossomed from the ashes of Marlene's corporate self, a rebirth into her authentic power and magic. Shedding layers of conditioning and fear, she emerged as a radiant medicine woman, armed with a treasure trove of tools and rituals to guide others on their path to wholeness.


Marlene's approach is simple yet profound – she listens deeply, intuitively finding the right tool to support each individual's journey of self-discovery and healing. Her mission is clear: to live her soul's expression fully and to share authentic soul-moments from heart to heart, in service to the collective awakening.


Based in the sacred valley of Peru, Marlene's offerings extend far beyond physical boundaries. Whether in person or online, she holds space for transformation and healing, guiding souls to reconnect with their essence and step into their highest potential. From holistic retreats to intimate gatherings, Marlene's presence is a beacon of light, illuminating the path to wholeness and empowerment.


Join Marlene on a journey of remembrance, where each moment is an invitation to awaken to the magic within and embrace the fullness of your soul's expression.



At Soul Moments, our mission is to provide a sanctuary for the soul to blossom and unfold its innate brilliance. Through deep heart-to-heart connections and a commitment to living in the frequency of love, we create transformative experiences that empower individuals to radiate their authentic essence into the world.


Grounded in harmony with nature and existence, our soul coaching services empower individuals from the inside out, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


We cultivate sacred circles for prayer, vocal liberation, and embodiment, drawing upon ancient wisdom and traditions to catalyze profound transformation and soulful empowerment.


Our values of authenticity, honesty, openness, compassion, possibilities, and creativity are the guiding lights that illuminate our path as we co-create a world where every soul shines with radiant authenticity.



At Soul Moments, we envision a world where every soul feels seen, heard, and deeply connected to the essence of existence.

We see a future where individuals live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the natural world, embodying the frequency of love in all aspects of life.

Through our offers and transformative circles, we envision a global community united by a shared commitment to inner growth, spiritual awakening, and authentic relationships.

Guided by ancient wisdom, intuition, and spiritual guidance, we see a world where individuals trust in their inner knowing and embrace their limitless potential.

Our vision is one of limitless possibilities, where souls are liberated to create and co-create a world filled with compassion, beauty, and profound meaning.


teachers, guides & Angels on my path

I am endlessly grateful for all the people that have crossed my life and were teaching, guiding and believing in me. I am deeply touched in my heart and honor all the energy you have invested in my being. Thank you! 

Andreas Teichrib, GER

in 2018

Initiation into energy healing

since 2019

Plant Medicine Path

Big supporter of my medicine music

Nilton, PER

since 2021

Plant Medicine Path

Roberto Shipibo, PER

since 2021

Plant Medicine Path

Nacho Rodriguez, CHILE

since 2020

Master plant Dietas

Don Agustin & Dona Marlene, PER

in 2019

Plant Medicine Path

Lucho Panduro, PER

since 2020

Master Plant Dietas

Initiation Curandera

Abuela Ana Carmona , Puerto Rico

Melinda Nina Garcia, GER


Moondance Switzerland

Joao Infantas, PER

since 2019

Acro Yoga Trainer

Thea Wachtendorf, GER
since 2022

Fitnesstraining für die Seele

Coachingbande, GER

since 2023

Crisis Coaching, Hypno Coaching

Rishikesh, India

in 2020

200h YTT

Sean West, USA

in 2021

Rapid Release Bodywork

Thai yoga Massage, AUSTRIA

in 2019

Ayurvedic Massage, Sri Lanka

in 2018

Yoguini, BRA

in 2020

Reiki Level 1+2

Uria Tsur, ISR

in 2022

Vocal Freedom

Avalon, USA

since 2023

Vocal Lessons

John Rothwell, ENG

since 2020

Music Production


since 2021

soul-mate - cat

Katalina Ketchau, GER

since 2014

Best human being on planet earth and beyond

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