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Inner Awakening Perú

Jan 28 - Feb 4 2024

A journey of remembrance - back to your true self

through embodies connection, earth rituals

and Sacred Plant Medicine

Imagine waking up to the lush natural surroundings of the peaceful Valley…


Remember your Magic
here in Perú

held on all sides by the  „Apus“ spirits of the mountains in the powerful Andean ranges. A welcoming cocoon, in which you can feel the beautiful contrast provided in these lands - vibrant beauty, peace and tranquility paired with a strong vortex of energy that naturally helps to support the transformation happening within you.

WELCOME to the Sacred Valley of Perú, our home for this journey of inner awakening and soul-level transformation in partnership with the spirits of the plants, of this land and its traditions.

TOGETHER in COMMUNITY, we rise and transform.

a safe space for awakening

This 8-day journey is an experience in community of remembering, awakening, healing and nourishing our fire and guiding light within.

Nestled in our retreat oasis in the Sacred Valley, we will weave through somatic and creative practices of self-discovery, Earth-based rituals and elemental connection, ceremonies with Master Plant Teachers and shamanic teachings of the Andes.

Furthermore, we will explore energetic cleansing techniques, playful ways of moving the body, heart-opening cacao and rose ceremony as well as dive into the medicine of being in community with your soul family.


expansion on
soul level

Our intention for this experience is to create a safe space for your personal journey and remembrance of your true nature on soul level and to give you tools to integrate this frequency into your daily life.

The Elements will be our compass through the journey, the Elders of the lands our guardians and the Spirit of the Master Plants, Mountains and Valley our Guides.

You will be supported with and through:

  • Setting clear intentions for the experience

  • Utilizing energetic practices for personal healing

  • Strengthening your intuition and courage

  • Finding greater clarity on your life path

  • Clearing emotional and energetic blocks

  • Awakening your creativity

  • Expressing your unique strengths and gifts

  • Integrative practices to support and deepen your experience

  • Strong and loving, hearth-centered soul family

this journey is for you if:

  • you seek space to deepen your self-discovery and authentic expression

  • you want to remember your true nature on a soul level

  • you are ready to welcome sacred plant medicine as a healing tool in your life

  • you are on a path of uncovering your purpose and potential

  • you seek to connect with your inner child, intuition, inner wisdom, higher guidance

  • you long to explore alternative, holistic pathways into living spirituality

  • you are looking to reset and recharge while being held in comfort & love

  • you want to come to the homelands of the sacred Master Plants for an authentic and safe experience

  • you want to explore new ways of movement & embodiment

  • you want to awaken alternative ways to live your life

  • you seek to expand your creative expression & remember your playfulness

  • you are committed to live with compassion, intention & integrity

  • you want to be with soul-family

A Glimpse into the Practices
we will explore


Yoga & Breathwork

Daily yoga & meditation sessions combined with Breathwork practices will provide a grounding foundation for our journey. Body-based tools & movement-based morning rituals will be used as support for integration through the retreat (appropriate for all levels). Our body is our temple, therefore we take good care of our unique home.


Huachuma San Pedro

Also known as the Grandfather, Huachuma is connected to heart-opening, awakening insights, feeling oneness, and activating our light within. A wonderful integrative medicine after Ayahuasca. Our ceremony will take place with a local Quechua Maestro during the day in a power place in nature.


Nature Connection

Being with the land here in Perú is medicine itself. We will have ample time for connection with the incredible landscapes and nature, both visiting sacred sites together, as well as offering time and space for solo contemplation with the land.


Despacho Earth Offering

With a local Andean Maestro, we will open our space with prayer & offering to the Earth & mountains that hold us, the elements, and to our ancestors. Our Despacho will open the space for our further work with the Plant Medicines & elemental rituals throughout the retreat. It is a core prayer in the Andean cosmology.


Integration Circles

Connection is a powerful medicine, and our collective journey together is the perfect opportunity for group integration support, through which we will explore creative and somatic tools to help process your experience. Taste the medicine of sitting in circle, sharing and relating in authentic loving ways.


Cacao & Sound

We will explore frequency medicine, healing sounds and ancient voices combined with the heart-opening Cacao and Rose Ceremony to anchor, deepen the shifts and opening offered by the plants, surrendering into the sweetness of this magical medicines.


Ayahuasca Ceremony

One evening ceremony with the Master Plant Ayahuasca, guided by an experienced local Maestro. A good preparation and grounding integration, will support the connection with this cleansing and purifying plant Spirit that aids in clearing energetic, emotional and spiritual blockages. She has a grandmotherly energy & opens our heart to even greater love.


Temazcalli (Sweat lodge)

The Temazcalli, originated in Mexico, is an incredible powerful and ancient practice of prayer and offering. In conjunction with the other ceremonies it is cleansing, releasing and will ground us into our bodies, help with integration and connecting to the inner fire.



As we retreat, we slow down and also go with the flow. Therefore, we will see what arises within the journey out of time and space, spontaneously.

Like Dance, Bonfire, Downtown time, Table Games….

peru video


This fully-inclusive and restorative experience is designed to allow you to sink into full nourishment, connection and exploration of Soul & Self.

  • Pre-retreat group meeting and individual preparation call

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights accommodation at Allpawasi Retreat Center

  • Cusco Airport or Hotel pickup & dropoff if needed

  • Daily home-cooked vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner (modified meals on ceremony days)

  • Opening Despacho (Offering) and Andean Cosmology workshop with local Maestro

  • One Evening Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • One Daytime Huachuma Ceremony (San Pedro)

  • One Cacao & Rose Ceremony

  • Temazcalli Ceremony (Sweat Lodge)

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Sessions

  • Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey

  • Integrative Sharing Circles

  • Somatic and Creative Workshops

  • Movement & Embodiment Practices

  • Transportation to Excursions and Activities

  • Unlimited Tea, Coffee, Fruits and drinking Water

  • Post-Retreat Integration Sessions

  • Integration resources and Post-Retreat Group Integration Call


  • Kambo treatment (Frog medicine)

  • Massage, Bodywork or 1:1 Energy Healing Session

You will have free time to walk into town and get beautiful handcrafted supply, clothes, bags, Artesania. This will be at your own cost, as well as anything you want to consume there. 


An experience like this does not just begin when you arrive in Perú; it starts when you commit to the journey.

Our retreat will include preparation calls both individually and as a group as well as preparatory resources and practices to help you create the container for your work before you arrive. We will similarly support you with your integration process, helping you to anchor the shifts you undergo while in Perú. 

The Process



This is for you to prepare physically, emotionally as well as spiritually for the transformation that will happen in Perú. 

​Create mental space - clean your body - develop a self-care practice - eat healthy - … topics we will talk about in the individual prep-call



This is the heart of the inner awakening journey. This is very the deep transformation will occur. In our magical home between the powerful energy vortex of the sacred mountains in the stunning valley. Here you will be with your soul family, pray with Pachamama, meet your mirrors and have exactly that journey that is in highest alignment with your being.



Once you have landed back home, the real integration will start. This means to actively make changes accordingly the new understandings, perspectives, insights, shifts etc. what you have had during your time in Perú. We obviously support you during this important phase as well, so that you can swing with this high frequency as long as possible. Therefore, it is very important to take the preparation phase serious, in this way you have the best circumstances set for the most beautiful, long lasting effects of your experience.



Kristen Yates

Kristen is a healing arts practitioner who has traveled the world studying the art of personal transformation for over fifteen years, learning to weave Eastern, Western, and indigenous healing modalities in support of human flourishing. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, RYT-500 Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Breathwork and Reiki Practicioner, Authentic Relating Facilitator and Trauma-Informed Somatic Practicioner.

She is passionate about guiding somatic healing through the body and helping people to fully integrate and express. their own medicine & magic into the world - and is deeply grateful to the plant spirits and her teachers on the medicine path.

It is a deep honor and joy to walk alongside you in your own process of awakening and discovery - and to share this sacred space for us all to explore out full potential!

Aiwinyana Marlene

Marlene is a multi-talented space Alchemist whose passion is sharing heart to heart authentic, safe and transformative soul-moments. She is a certified Hypnosis Coach, Reiki I&II Practicioner, Massage Therapist and Facilitator for Ceremonies, Rituals, Movement as well as Singing Circles.

In addition Marlene weaves her passion of Dance, Acro Yoga and Music into her Spaces and Offering.

For five years now she is deeply dedicated to the Shamanic Path and accompanying people in their processes in reconnecting to their inner child, reclaiming their wholeness, and embracing all the colors of life.



Nacho Rodriguez is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has dedicated himself to the path of service with Mother Ayahuasca.

His prayer is of creating a bridge between the plant and people’s souls in order to go deeper into the infinite path of self-knowledge, leaving behind what prevents us from being happy and accepting ourselves as the beings of light that we are- without masks, fears or insecurities.


In this way, we can be ourselves, creating internal and external peace. Live life with joy and inspiration.

He is the servant of our Ayahuasca Ceremony at the Retreat. It is an absolute honor to work with him. Both, Kristen and Marlene are following his Medicine for years now and also have joined Master Plant Dietas guided by Nacho.


our journey with plant medicine

While Master Plant Medicine is an incredible tool and ally for personal transformation, it is not the only tool we will be working with during this retreat. There exist many different medicines, including your heart.

You will find many retreats offering 3-5 Master Plant Medicine Ceremonies in the span of a week to ten days, but we are taking a slightly different and gentler approach here. Our itinerary has been intentionally designed with one Ayahuasca and one Huachuma Ceremony to help you open and integrate the teachings of these plants with intention and clarity, accompanied and supported by the other somatic, creative, and holistic practices we will explore during the stay together. Furthermore, the Earth Rituals and Prayers in the Temezcalli we will be experiencing are very profound and ancient Medicines.

You will be held safely by our facilitators as well as a highly trusted and experienced Maestro during our Master Plant Ceremonies, allowing you to go deeply inwards to experience profound healing and inner shifts. We emphasize proper preparation and integration of ceremonies and will work with you thoroughly in this capacity.

Our Ayahuasca ceremony will begin at 6pm and conclude around midnight. We will eat an Ayahuasca-friendly diet prior to our ceremony, and provide you plenty of preparation for ceremony both before and during the retreat. Our Huachuma ceremony day will begin at 10am, and is taking place immersed in the energetically-charged nature high up in the mountains of the Sacred Valley, combining silent contemplation, private conversation, and gentle walks in nature. We will return to the retreat center early



Our nest for the week is at Allpawasi, a beautiful retreat space tucked away in a quiet area at the foot of the Pre-Inka Ruins of the Intihuatana Mountain, just a 15 Minute walk away from the small cute little vibrant village Pisac. Here, you will find spaces full of tranquility to relay and connect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle - the perfect place to go deep on your journey, nourish on all levels, and integrate your experiences.



Each room is warmly and typically decorated and equipped with everything needed for a nourishing, resting stay during the retreat. Our house as a incredible kitchen in which our kitchen fairy will provide you with all the magical foods. There is an outdoor fire pit area with communal seating, and a beautiful windowed shala where we meet for Yoga, Movement classes and Ceremony. Each double room and single room has a private bathroom. It truly is special and so warmly welcome, you might not want to move out anymore ;-)


We are living together in a cozy yet spacious Retreat House with ample space for both privacy and personal process, and a beautiful opportunity for community living. Our ceremonies and workshops/ Yoga sessions take place in a bright, newly-built Maloka /temple space) with panoramic windows surrounded by the lush mountains of the Valley. On the grounds, you will be able to enjoy our peaceful gardens, wood fire adobe oven, spaces for rest and relaxation, and breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains. Plenty of outdoor seating will allow you to enjoy restful time on the fresh mountain air.


Giving back

We are more then blessed to hold this retreat of Inner Awakening in the sacred lands of this valley. We honor the traditions of the various medicines and their wisdom keepers. We are gifted to be able to live and learn in such a heart-centered loving Community where people care about each other, hold their values with integrity and support each other. We do not want to take advantage of that, rather show our deep respect to the indigenous people and give back.

We will donate §100 per Participant to a local Community.

investment for the inner awakening journey

Any Room Option of course include ALL the Meals and Snacks, Transportations, Workshops, Ceremonies, Rituals, Medicines, Integration Circles, Fire Place, Tea, Coffee, Water, Cleaning, Movement classes, access to the whole House, Garden and Maloka.  


Working with these Master Plant Medicines of Ayahuasca and Huachuma is a true commitment to your persnal and spiritual development.

The first step to joining the retreat is to fill out the contact form above, after which we will send you a full application form to share more information about your intentions and any prior experience with plant medicine (of which non is required obviously) and medical questions. Your safety and health is most important to us.

A $300 non refundable deposit will be required to reserve your space, once you are accepted into the retreat.

We will then be in touch to set up a Zoom call to connect personally and dive deeper into your intentions for this world, and any questions you may have. If for any reason on that call we determine that the retreat with plant medicine is not a right fit for you or us at this time, your deposit will be fully refunded.

After your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email to set up your room choice and make the final payment (either pay-in-full or a payment plan, both due in full before arrival). You will also receive a detailed intake form to complete prior retreat.


You fly into CUSCO Airport (CUS) and a trusted taxi driver picks you up directly from their. Please let us know your flight details on time, so we can organize everything for you. If you arrive a couple of days earlier, we can also arrange the pick up from your hotel.

If you need suggestions for places to stay prior or post retreat, we are always happy to help you. Also if you want to discover Machu Picchu or any other Sacred Sides and need any support, please let us know prior the retreat, so that we can support your journey.

Please make sure beforehand that you have all the needed Travel Documents like valid Passport, Visa, Health Papers, Money etc.


JAN 27 - FEB 3, 2024
  • Who will be service the Medicine and facilitating the Ceremonies?
    Our Ayahuasca will be facilitated by Nacho Rodriguez, a trusted local Ayahuasquero who Kristen and Marlene have worked with deeply with for several years now themselves in their own healing journey with the medicine. Our Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony will be facilitated by Maestro Hernan Colque who works in the Quechua tradition with the medicine, sharing the incrtedivle teachings and knowledge of his ancestors. Hernan is local to Pisac. You will be held and supported as well by Kristen and Marlene before, during and after our ceremonies.
  • Where do Ceremonies take place?
    Our ceremonies will take place in three different energetically-charged power places in nature, incorporating various natural elements such as the crystal clear mountain river and waterfalls, lush forests, anchient Inkan ceremonial sites and other magical and powerful wonders of the Sacred Valley. We will be having the Ayahuasca in our home Maloka.
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