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Reading in the field

We have all the answers inside of us but sometimes we are too confused to understand the message. In these moments we need confirmation or another perspective on certain topics.

Readings are a great opportunity to ask sacred geometry beings including your higher self, guides, totems, ancestors etc. for insights and clarity.

I have been giving readings for many years now. It is such a blessing for me to look into your cards or channel your individual light code and to discover together what it means to you!

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Ask theNative American Tarot Cards

This reading is designed to increase awareness of cosmic forces and how they influence our individual paths.

It will not answer closed questions. It can be a helpful guide in various life situations & expands our view

& perspective or confirms what we already know. 

This deck works with symbols and totems of the Native Americans, as well as with the four elements and every picture transmits a healing energy into your field.

online or in person

1h reading & guidance

water in the space
colorful universe inside of you
12 chakra activation
centered being
open emotional brain
the incarnation channel
Ask the Stars - Light Code Activation

These are very high vibrating and sacred expressions directly of the infinite source; called light codes. They have the power to decrypt, detect or activate information within your energetic, physical or emotional body.

They are portals to other dimensions and a roadmap for energies to flow, bringing order to the right spots.

You are the divine, you are the purest light shining from your heart, you are the unique expression within the universe and that is why you resonate with the vibration of the light codes.


The rational mind cannot capture what is going on, the information of the vibration goes straight to the subconscious and speaks right to the heart and your field around you. It is sacred light energy that goes beyond any rational explanation. It is a feeling, a realization, an activation, a shift in consciousness, etc.


Work with it just like you do with Yantras - gazing at it until you blink, then hold the picture in front of your third eye until it faded and gaze again.... The more often you see the light code, the deeper it can talk to you, so use the digital version as your wallpaper in your phone/laptop, etc.

online or in person

channeling + reading

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