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1:1 Soul Coaching



6-12 Weeks

About the Course

Welcome to the transformative journey of Soul Coaching,

where profound inner shifts await you. This is not just another coaching program; it's a sacred journey through your inner landscapes of your body and mind into the depths of your own soul. 

imagine it feels to stand in the radiance of your own truth, to walk through life with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity, to love yourself honestly and to walk your path in confidence and trust.
That is the gift of Soul Coaching:
a journey of liberation, empowerment, and profound self-discovery. A path of harmony, integrity and authenticity. An adventure through the inner landscapes of your whole being.
Embark on a sacred voyage through the realms of your psyche, a six or 12 -week immersion into the depths of your being, where ancient wisdom meets modern methodologies. This transformative journey is crafted with precision and love, utilizing powerful techniques such as hypnosis, inner child, and shadow work to awaken your true essence and ignite the flame of your soul's purpose. 

Who is Soul Coaching for?

It is for the courageous souls who are ready to explore and expand their consciousness.
It is for those who long to take responsibility and make honest shifts in their lifes', to step into their power, and to live authentically.
It is for anyone who yearns to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and with the world around them. For those who seek guidance from inside, who want to love themselves deeper and move from lack to love.
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