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The full, all-in ceremonial cacao box with all its radiant magic inside

costs 777 €uro + shipping

of which 85 €uro flow back to amazonian jungle projects

Sacred Cacao Journey
free spirit soul plan

21-Day intentional Cacao journey fot inner transformation

  • 21 ceremonial cacao portions from Perú, blessed with sacred chants and prayers for your intention

  • 2 unique affirmations to reset to your divine blueprint

  • 1 get to know each other call

  • 1 native american tarot card reading at the beginning

  • 1 diary journal with a personalized channeled light code 

  • 3x1h live calls with personalized meditations & shamanic rituals to support and accompany your process

  • 1 calendar for you to keep track of your journey

  • access to cosmicflower family in fb

  • 11% of profits will be invested into cacao farmers in the peruvian amazon region

Sacred Cacao Journey
free spirit soul plan

A 21-Day intensive journey with the sacred master plant medicine CACAO. Travel into the most beautiful portal that exists: YOUR HEART. Meet the creative source within, connect to your truest truth and transform to your soul plan.​​

This program is for every client designed individually. You are unique and so is the reason, the intention why you want to participate.

This is not another online program! Here you get the real experience! You see my face live, not in a video! I do not put you in a pre-designed thing, your individuality counts, so we co-create according to what YOU feel.

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