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the bhakti way

Sacred Cacao Journey
free spirit soul plan

21-Day intentional Cacao journey fot inner transformation

  • 21 ceremonial cacao portions from Perú, blessed with sacred chants and prayers for your intention

  • 2 unique affirmations to reset to your divine blueprint

  • 1 get to know each other call

  • 1 native american tarot card reading at the beginning

  • 1 diary journal with a personalized channeled light code 

  • 3x1h live calls with personalized meditations & shamanic rituals to support and accompany your process

  • 1 calendar for you to keep track of your journey

  • access to cosmicflower family in fb

  • 11% of profits will be invested into cacao farmers in the peruvian amazon region

Healing Stones

“time” only exists in the now

Holistic Retreats &
Shamanic Ceremonies

You can book me to share space and help in your holistic healing retreats. My offerings are:


deep tissue- relaxing healing massages & trauma release bodywork therapies, shamanic reiki, yoga, pranayama, meditation, guided ecstatic dance, women circles, facilitation or support in plant medicine ceremonies (Cacao, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, Mushrooms, Rapeh), translation & integration coaching.

I have worked and held space in woman voice retreats, various plant medicine and/or yoga retreats all around the globe.

You need an additional space holder for your retreat? You can book me for your retreats, ceremonies, workshops, etc. 

all you see is what you also are - you are the creator of your life

Shamanic Sound Healing

Sound has the power to open, clear, and balance chakras & release stuck energy.


Studied benefits are improved sleep, reduction of chronic pain & blood pressure, lowered cholesterol & a decreased risk of heart disease as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Truely a magical natural medicine.

online & in person

Native Drums

do not breath quicker than your awareness can travel