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Quechua Indigenous Women

individual private Retreat

tailor-made according to your wishes and needs

in peru and south germany

Welcome HOME!

A profound soul journey you will never ever forget! Such a beautiful, divine feeling which words won't be able to describe.

To the sanctuary of self-discovery and renewal!

At soul-moments we believe in the power of customized experiences to foster holistic healing, growth and expansion. Our individual private retreats are meticulously designed to align with your unique desires and needs, guiding you on a transformative journey tailored to your preferences.


these feelings last forever

My Story

My first backpacking journey was in 2013, since then I travelled the whole world until I came to Perú and the Spirit of the Sacred Valley from the Inkas touched me right into my Soul. Something so profoundly has shifted within my being, which I will never ever forget and it has changed my life ever since. I remember when I hiked here for the first time, in the mountains behind Cusco....I couldn't stop crying anymore because of the divine beautify I was witnessing and feeling in every cell of my being...

I CAME HOME. I will never ever forget this moment.

Since than 6 years have passed and every moment I keep falling even deeper and deeper in love with these Lands here, the Mountains, the Jungle, the Coast, the Tradition, People, Food, Shamanism, Language, Lakes, handcrafted-Arts, Music, Animals, Plants, Medicines....everything! 

Almost daily I receive messages from people asking me about what to do, visit and experience in Perú, because I really know the good corners, sights, and contacts to go to, especially in combination with spirituality and shamanic healing experiences.


I LOVE creating safe experiences for people to explore, expand and lean into. I have hosted and co-created several Plant Medicine Retreats in Perú, but also around the globe and in my 1:1 Soul Coachings as well as Quad Thai Yoga Bodywork I hold people through their unique emotional healing processes. All I do and offer is because I love it and embody it. This is what you can expect with cosmicflower.marlene as a guiding sister on your personalized Peru experience.

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