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12+ Coaching Inspirations to reflect on

1. Exploring Inner Wisdom:

  • In the deep recesses of your subconscious mind, what messages or insights are waiting to be discovered?

  • How can you tap into your inner wisdom to guide you on your journey? What do you need to do so?

2. Shifting Limiting Beliefs:

  • What limiting beliefs reside inside of you and how can we gently transform them into empowering truths? Make a list and anytime one pops up, write it our. Reflect its origine!

  • Do you truely belief that this is absolutly always 100% true?

  • Can you envision a new narrative that aligns with your highest potential?

3. Journeying to Your Safe Haven:

  • If you were to create a sanctuary within your mind, a place of absolute peace and safety, what would it look like? How does it feel like? Wher in your body do you experience it?

  • How can you access this mental safe haven whenever you need a moment of tranquility?

4. Connecting with Inner Resources:

  • Within the vast landscape of your subconscious, what untapped resources or strengths lie dormant, waiting to be activated?

  • How can you harness these internal treasures to navigate challenges with grace and resilience?

  • Who else could benefit from your empowerment?

5. Transformative Visualization:

  • Envision your ideal future self. What does this version of you look like, and how does it feel to embody this transformation?

  • Can you immerse yourself in this visualization to anchor it deep within your subconscious?

  • What does the future you do different than to you your present you? What changes need to happen to match?

6. Releasing Emotional Baggage:

  • What emotions or experiences from your past are you ready to release and transform?

  • How can we guide yourself to gently let go of any emotional weight that no longer serves you?

  • Who else would benefit from you letting go of the burden?

7. Tapping into Creativity:

  • Within the vast expanse of your subconscious mind, what creative insights or solutions are waiting to emerge?

  • How can you invite the flow of creativity to enrich various aspects of your life?

  • What did you love to explore as a child? How did you express your innocent power and life force?

  • What if you are allowed to dream? What would your dream look like?

8. Strengthening Mind-Body Connection:

  • How can we deepen the connection between your mind and body for holistic well-being?

  • Can you envision a harmonious dance between your thoughts and your physical self?

  • What rituals would support you?

9. Manifesting Intentions:

  • What intentions or desires would you like to manifest in your life, and how can you embed them into the fabric of your subconscious? How do your senses experience your manifestation?

  • How does it feel to align your conscious desires with the powerful force of your subconscious mind?

10. Healing Through Visualization:

  • In the theatre of your mind, how can you visualize and facilitate the healing of any emotional wounds?

  • What imagery resonates most with your inner healing journey?

  • What if you are a magician and your Abrakadabra does real magic? If this would help you, can you allow yourself to belief it? How would your innocent inner child answer?

  • Could that become your truth?

11. Embracing Inner Child:

  • How does your inner child influence your present experiences, and what healing can occur through connecting with and nurturing that inner child?

  • Can you envision a dialogue or playfulness with your inner child to foster healing and understanding?

  • If you would take your inner child on a journey, what would you two experience, do, talk about, meet etc... How is the relationship evolving?

12. Cultivating Self-Love:

  • What practices or affirmations can be embedded into your subconscious to cultivate a profound sense of self-love and acceptance?

  • How would your life transform if you operated from a space of unwavering self-love?

  • How would it feel like and who else would benefit of your self-love?

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