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the story


Cosmic Flower was born in 2019 when I started the path of remembering my enlightened me. When the depressed corporate version of me died & I started waking up to my holistic talents like creating music, art, dance, energy healing and tantric modalities, bodywork, movement, teaching, studying, sharing, holding space ...


Leaving many complexes, fears, shames, limiting beliefs etc. behind by working daily on myself, I started stepping into an empowered medicine woman with a clear vision & a box full of tools, shamanic rituals, etc. ready to be used & shared.

What I do? - Mainly I listen to you & if needed I find the right tool so you can help yourself.

Why I do that? - Because this is why I came here and my mission is to help the planet heal.

Why does the planet need to heal? - Well, it is time for you to sign up to my programs!

I mainly live in the sacred valley, Perú. This is where you can enjoy my offerings in person, otherwise I share online and in the invisible space. Furthermore, I am being present and hold space for holistic healing and plant medicine retreats all around the globe. 



​My soul mission is to be my true nature & to create a safe space for all beings that cross my path so that they can meet & be their true nature too.

Cosmic Flower is the medium for your personal soul-moments. Meaning, I serve you with my holistic shamanic & tantric tools in the best way possible.

I shine because I see the light in you!



​I wish every soul to be free from suffering, to remember its’ unconditioned self in order to walk in the purest light with love & compassion, in peace & harmony.

I wish to see you standing confident in your fullest power, so not even yourself can stop you from being you anymore.

I want to inspire you, I want you to look into your mirrors & recognize the universe inside of you.

I see the world as the paradise on earth in which you have your unique important role.

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