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all life is sacred

cosmic flower 

Aiwinyana Marlene

offline, online & in any dimention

Allyumasikunapa = we are all one family (Quechua)

from heart to heart sharing authentic soul moments in a safe space

cosmic flower is a holistic tool box of various shamanic rituals & tantric healing modalities

as well as a guide for preparation and integration of amazonian plant medicine rituals

Sacred Cacao Journey
free spirit soul plan

A 21-Day intensive journey with the sacred master plant medicine CACAO. Travel into the most beautiful portal that exists: YOUR HEART. Meet the creative source within, connect to your truest truth and transform to your soul plan.​​

This program is for every client designed individually. You are unique and so is the reason, the intention why you want to participate.

This is not another online program! Here you get the real experience! You see my face live, not in a video! I do not put you in a pre-designed thing, your individuality counts, so we co-create according to what YOU feel.

welcome to the light


Aiwinyana is my soul name. It means spirit from the forest & mountains.

thank you for being you


Holistic Retreats & Shamanic Ceremonies

I share & hold space in holistic & shamanic healing retreats such as: woman voice retreat, plant medicine and yoga retreats.

Get in touch for next retreat

Also you can book me for holding space and helping at your retreat or ceremony


Yoga for Awakening

You are enlightened already!

Just remember!

meditation, mantras, mudras, asanas, pranayama, prayers, sound healing, channelling

online & in person

Massage Journey

With techniques collected from all around the world you’ll  journey through a lymphatic-, deep & soft tissue-, relaxing-, energy massage with self-made beewax-oil.

Manual Release Therapy

In this session we work with very high frequency pain to release tension in the fastest & deepest way. It is like electricity running through your body & activating your channels

Shamanic Sound Healing

Sound has the power to open, clear, and balance chakras & release stuck energy.


Studied benefits are improved sleep, reduction of chronic pain & blood pressure, lowered cholesterol & a decreased risk of heart disease as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Truely a magical natural medicine.

online & in person


Light code channeling

Energy is vibration. These drawings are channeled codes from the universe. Direct portals to a space of healing energies of activating nature

Get our own personalized

light code


online & in person

Native American Tarot Card Reading

This is designed to increase awareness of cosmic forces and how they influence our individual paths. A reading expands our view & perspective.

online & in person

no need to go anywhere, you are complete already


about me...

I am sharing from my sacred heart space all that I know, in service of the universe. I connect to the brightest light & highest geometric beings.

In this body I was born & raised in a little village in South-Germany. I studied various skills all around the planet & since 2019 I am on a deep inner discovery in remembering my souls’ lifes & following its purpose. Reconnecting & waking up to my magic. Accompanying, empowering & inspiring others on their journey. Mirroring & learning from each other. 


I am a product of you.

safe space, free of judgement, honest, authentic, compassionate, loveing


Cosmic Flower

Aiwinyana Marlene

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Pisac, Sacred Valley Perú


Whats App: +49-151-234-71015

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