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enjoy the ride

with marlene hellthaler


Marlene is a multitalented space Alchemist. 

Her passion is to dive deep into connection and share from heart to heart authentic soul moments.

Hypnosis Coach & Plant Medicine Integration Guide.

Energetic Massage & Bodywork. Sound Healing & Medicine Music.

Facilitator for Rituals, Prayers, Retreats, Workshops & Singing Circles.

Allyumasikunapa - we are all one family!



Spirit of the Forests in the Mountains

I believe that life wants to be lived fully. Anything that arises within that timeframe is a gift. I celebrate challenges just like the highs. In this way you are Welcome here in your Totality, with what ever is there and wants to be seen.

Some of my core values are authenticity, integrity, transparent communication, joyfulness, trustful and loving heart.

It is safe to be you! It is safe to be!




… you deserve to dance empowered, with ease and full of energy through the game of life. Receive practical help for an honest change in your thinking and expansion of consciousness.

>> Vocal Freedom

>> Opportunity in a crisis

>> Hypnosis

>> Embodiment - Photography 


Cocha runa

Cocha means Water and Runa People in Quechua.

Cocha Runa is a prayer of gratitude for the infinite love I receive being in the Sacred Valley of Perú. Listening to this song will connect and align you with the frequencies of the lakes called Kinsa Cocha which are high up in the mountains of the Andeas.

This is my first ever released single and can be downloaded on bandcamp. Feel into my art work as a musician.

Massive gratitude to my producer and dear friend John Rothwell - Wiracocha Production for seeing my potential, believing in me and bringing out the best. 


What thrives you?

How does it feel in your body when everything is perfect?


about me...

I am a life-artist, sharing from my sacred heart space all that I know. While accompanying, empowering & inspiring others on their own unique journey, I learn so much about life & myself.

In this body I was born & raised in a little village in South-Germany. I graduated in Banking and International Business & Management. Since 2019 I am on a deep inner discovery journey in remembering my souls’ life & following its purpose. Reconnecting & waking up to my own medicine & magic.

I am a certified Coach, Reiki I+II Practitioner, 200h YTT, initiated Energy Worker, Plant Medicine Facilitator, Ritualist & Ceremonialist, as well as Wellness Massage & Rapid Tension Release Bodywork Practitioner.

Additionally on my path I started discovering Photography & Webdesign as tools to work with. 

What makes you feel connected?


Pisac, Sacred Valley Perú
Whats App +49 151234 71015
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